Martin Luther King Jr.

posted Feb 3, 2015, 1:43 PM by Erin C. Alghandoor   [ updated Sep 4, 2018, 6:30 AM ]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came to Newark State College, now Kean University, on February 9, 1961, as part of the college's M. Ernest Townsend Memorial Lecture Series. He signed the college's guest book and posed for a picture with Eugene G. Wilkins, President of Newark State and Donald R. Raichle, a Professor of History. Dr. King told his audience that they should meet injustice with non-violence, saying that "the first-class citizen must never resort to second-class methods ... We will persuade you with words ... we will endure all suffering you inflict on us and still love you. We will enter with humble smiles into your jails and still love you."

For more about Dr. King's visit, check out the following resources in the archives: 
  • M. Ernest Townsend Memorial Lecture Series Guest Book and photograph 
  • 1961 Memorabilia yearbook page with a photograph and description of the lecture series
  • Issues of the student newspaper, Reflector, scanned by the Kean University Library: 
"King, Lerner, Webster, Douglas to Speak Here in '61." Reflector [Union] 11 Oct. 1960: 1. Print.  Click here
"Rev. King Arrested." Reflector [Union]  1 Nov. 1960: 1. Print.  Click here
"Calendar." Reflector [Union] 10 Jan. 1961: 2. Print. Click here
"Martin Luther King." Reflector [Union] 7 Feb. 1961: 1. Print. Click here
Lello, Andrea. "We Will Win Our Freedom Says Martin Luther King." Reflector [Union] 21 Feb. 1961: 1. Print. Click here