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Interested in learning more about the start of our Football Team, Homecoming, or the Cougar mascot?  Take a look at the following issues of the student newspaper:
17 October 1970 issue 
O'Donnell, Tom. "Football at N.S.C.?" Independent [Union] 17 Oct. 1970: 11. Print.
O'Donnell, Tom. "Squires Prepare for Fall Football Debut." Independent [Union] 17 Oct. 1970: 11. Print.
"Soulful Weekend Slated for Oct." Independent [Union] 17 Oct. 1970: 9-10. Print.
Burkhardt, Bob. "Paterson State Nips NSC.....10-5." Independent [Union] 22 Oct. 1970: 15. Print.
Fixler, Eugene. "Gifted and Black Presented." Independent [Union] 22 Oct. 1970: 3. Print.
Graf, Ken. "Squires Lose Two Down Monmouth." Independent [Union] 22 Oct. 1970: 15. Print.
Rockin' Bob. "Chambers Brothers, Factory Perform in TPA." Independent [Union] 22 Oct. 1970: 1. Print.
White, Ina. "Homecoming, Soulful Weekend Celebrated." Independent [Union] 22 Oct. 1970: 1. Print.

21 February 1985

Good, Wendy.
 "Squires Change Name to Cougars." Independent [Union] 21 Feb. 1985: 12. Print.

Also in the collection is the following student paper:
Bowley, John E., Jr. "An Analysis of the Protracted, Successful Battle for a Football Team at Kean (1962-1970)." Term Paper. Kean College of New Jersey, 1979. Print.